Differences between home and salon waxing

Differences between home and salon waxing

Most women like to take charge of their own grooming and beauty rituals and pride themselves in knowing how to be their own hairdressers, make-up artists, and estheticians. Pretty much every beauty procedure -waxing included- can be done in the comfort of home because there is a wide range of high-quality beauty products and Hair Removal Products available to facilitate any beauty ritual. However, home procedures vs professional ones have many differences, and waxing is no exception. Which way to go, then? In this blog post, we are going to present the most important differences between home and salon waxing, with their corresponding advantages and disadvantages.


The main reason why women tend to choose salon services rather than doing their own waxing is that they can count on the esthetician's expertise. This is the most important aspect of waxing at a salon. A specialist is trained to know everything about waxing and act to remedy any problem that might come up. The work of an esthetician guarantees that all spots will be covered properly, including hard-to-reach areas. Also, salon-quality products are proven to be good for most skin types and specialized for each type of area that can be waxed. There is no doubt that salon services are the best way to get a perfect waxing every time.

Preparation and procedure

The preparation of the whole waxing procedure is perfectly arranged in a high-quality salon. Salons have special carts that allow all the waxing supplies to be easily transported and reached. All details are taken into account; this means that you can lay back and relax. In contrast, at home, you have to pay attention to many details, which includes arranging all equipment and furniture so that everything is in handy when you're waxing. Otherwise, you might then find yourself prancing about your bathroom looking for the towel or the lotion you forgot. Moreover, buying professional-grade products and equipment —which give the best results— may be expensive.

It can be really hard to think of every single detail you need to control before you start waxing, but your salon experts have got you covered. Last but not least, when you choose a salon, you don't have to go through the trouble of cleaning up your messy bathroom. Go to a well-established salon with solid hygienic practices.

When it comes to the procedure, estheticians obviously have an advantage you do not have, regardless of whether you have ever waxed yourself or not. All their knowledge and technical expertise allow them to have precise moves to minimize discomfort. For example, they have the technique it takes not to go over the same place more than twice to remove hair. Additionally, estheticians are prepared to be aware of many details at the same time, which might overwhelm you if you are attempting to give yourself a wax with the constant worry of pain, damage to your skin, or second-guessing your methods. One of the few things that some people would consider to be a disadvantage is being exposed to a stranger. However, estheticians know how to deal with this situation not to make it uncomfortable for the client. The best estheticians will make you feel confident and safe.


The whole waxing procedure can be a lot quicker and easier at a salon for the simple reason that it is performed by a professional who is fully prepared and focused on the work they are doing. Even "difficult areas" like the bikini area can take few minutes with an experienced esthetician, whereas a DIY waxer would have to spend too long at it. An average waxing session where several body areas are tackled should last anywhere between 15 to 40 minutes at most. At home, you have to expect a much longer allotted time if you want to wax yourself. This is definitely not a plus for busy people as it can really interfere with your schedule.