About us

It has been more than 18 years of development and research to create the perfect body wax. It is 100% organic and natural, with elements from the Brazilian Amazon, this way creating an anesthetic feeling by being 80% less pain. It lasts 3 times more than regular waxes, making Ivesse the best body wax in the market.


We are a brand that is helping people to evolve through the transformation of a new experience with waxing.

We always seek to deeply understand the pains of our clients and we solve them through education, clarification and new solutions that can keep us close to the client's waxing routine. Thus gaining your confidence in yourself and understanding that we are always taking care so that your pains are healed.

We are a shaving wax brand concerned with people's well-being, self-knowledge and seeking to positively transform their lives through love, education and natural products.