We are a brand that is helping people to evolve through the transformation of a new experience with waxing.

  • Efficiency

    Due to its efficiency, Ivesse Wax can be applied in a thin layer, which results in it being up to three times more efficient than other body waxes.

  • Low melting point

    A low melting point means low temperature application, avoiding the risk of burns and reducing skin redness.

  • Unique formula

    Our unique 100% natural formula avoids folliculitis. After waxing, your hair will grow normally and healthy, with no risk of folliculitis. Making you free of pain and discomfort.

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  • Hard wax

    Hard wax is thicker than soft wax and works by hardening on your skin. Once it hardens, you can remove it with your hands, so there’s no need for waxing strips.

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  • Soft wax

    Soft wax adheres to your skin as well as to the hair. You can use soft wax on larger areas of your body like your legs, back, and arms.

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  • Wholesale

    Enjoy more benefits and special pricing on both our waxes! Need more than 50lbs delivered to you? Contact us right away.

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