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After Wax Lotion

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100% Natural. Plastic Free.

Made in Brazil. Ships from the USA.

Quantity and price per pound

1.1lb = 5 units = $20.82/lb

2.2lbs = 10 units = $18.14/lb

5.1lbs = 23 units = $15.67/lb

10.1lbs = 46 units = $14.84/lb

When you subscribe:

1.1lb =  $18.74/lb

2.2lbs = $16.32/lb

5.1lbs = $14.10/lb

10.1lbs = $13.36/lb

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How to use


  • Efficiency

    Due to its efficiency, Ivesse Wax can be applied in a thin layer, which results in it being up to three times more efficient than other body waxes.

  • Low melting point

    A low melting point means low temperature application, avoiding the risk of burns and reducing skin redness.

  • Unique formula

    Our unique 100% natural formula avoids folliculitis. After waxing, your hair will grow normally and healthy, with no risk of folliculitis. Making you free of pain and discomfort.

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  • Less harmful to the environment

    Our desire to remove the hair from our face, legs and bodies varies widely with cultures and trends! But, as with all your lifestyle choices, there is a way to shave or otherwise achieve eco friendly hair removal without costing the Earth.

  • No ingrown hair

    In some instances, an ingrown hair can cause acyst, resulting in an ingrown hair cyst. Other types of bumps, such aspseudofolliculitis barbaeandpimples, may also be mistaken for ingrown hair cysts.

  • Faster waxing

    A no-plastic formula can be applied in a thin layer, which results in it being up to three times more efficient than regular body waxes. Experience waxing with no pain right now!

  • Choose your delivery

    First you are going to have to choose between an "one-time purchase" or subscrive and choose how often you would like to receive the wax.

  • Choose the amount of wax you need

    You can choose between the options listed below "quantity", the more you pick greater the discount.

  • Done!

    Now you are ready to go! If you chose the subscription model, we will automatically ship the wax to you right away and the next delivery is going to be on the period you chose.